In a display of civic awareness and fulfilling their civic duties, Zmap,org has joined a charity event to help raise funds for their chosen charitable organization, Make-A-Wish Foundation. The event will be held at the company’s annual board meeting, where members of the board will be present to join in […] Joins Charity Event

In an effort to help monitor the upcoming national elections, has teamed up with other organizations to become volunteer watchdogs to make sure that no electoral fraud is committed. With most elections run by automated systems, there is a higher possibility that a system gets hacked and the election […] Joins Election Drive

Zmap has been experiencing a huge growth in the past couple of years. Although we are a service based organization, we have managed to branch out and provide other products to our catalog more recently. As such we are in the process of bulking up our workforce to meet the […]

New Employees Welcomed

The team of are celebrating their 5th year anniversary and they are doing it with a lot of festivities and revelry. Surviving five years is an achievement in itself, but the team is continuing to thrive despite the challenges the team has faced in recent years. Five years ago, […] Celebrates 5 Years