Zmap.org is an organizaion formed to monitor the usage of the Zmap internet scanner. The Zmap Internet Scanner is a super-fast utility to search the internet at blazing speeds to get results faster. It works 1000 times faster than the regular internet scan tools available today.

How fast is it? The developers of the program claim you could search the whole internet for a certain topic in forty five minutes. That’s less than an hour. To scan the entire internet! That is super fast, considering a normal search would take days or weeks to complete.

The secret is by using certain algorithms to perform searches and then encoding the results while the search is still ongoing, instead of waiting for the results to come in before encoding starts. Another secret to its speed is the fast 10 gigabit ethernet¬†bandwidth it transmits data on. Again, that’s more than 10 times faster than the normal ethernet speed being used today.

This technology, although it may sound ideal, poses threats to the security of networks and individual internet users. Therefore, there is a need to practice vigilance in order to avert security breaches, hacks and malicious intent to be carried out. Zmap.org plays the role of security conduit to point out and blacklist any user who attempts to gain access to a computer with intent to gain valuable information about the user/s of that computer.

Zmap.org plays a crucial role which could save potentially millions of users worldwide from attacks. Let us do our part in helping keep the internet a fairly safe place to roam around.